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This page is reserved for information for the University of Houston Dance Production class, who are learning how to create and edit promotional videos, postcards, and music as part of their class at UH.  


UH Goes to the MATCH 2018


DANCE PRODUCTION FACULTY TONI VALLE: 713/409-2838 OR toni@6degreesdance.org.



Lighting Tech: This is a low-tech show, so lighting will be limited to minimal cues (3-5 cues total.)  If you have any lighting requests, you need to email the lighting designer, Jason Cochran, by Thursday.  He cannot guarantee your requests, but will do his best.  Jason’s email:  j.a.cochran@icloud.com.


Tickets: Purchase tickets in advance if possible.  This show sold out last year an we turned people away at the door.


Location:  Matchbox 2, MATCH, 3400 Main Street, between Main to the East and Travis to the West, Holman to the South and Francis to the North. MATCH is two blocks South of Elgin and three blocks north of Alabama.

Attached is an info-sheet with  parking options that we have for your staff, performers and/or volunteers. Please note that these options are only for your group.  DO NOT share this with any patrons, parents or audience members as these options are limited. 
Also on that info-sheet is the  parking permit that is needed if anyone decides to  park at South Main Baptist Church. For best use, print the document double-sided and distribute to anyone on your team. Also attached is a  parking map that lays out all of our options.  For any patrons that need  parking  information, they can be directed to our website:  https://matchouston.org/location-parking

You may also pay for parking in the garage across the street but that could be $15-20.  Parking is free in certain areas on the street, but cars have been broken into in the past, so make sure you car has nothing in it and is locked.


Arrival: You need to arrive an hour before your light tech time in case we are running early.  If you are not waiting in the theatre one hour prior to tech, the lighting designer will set lights for you and move on to the next piece.

You and your dancers should meet at the back door and call Toni (contact information listed above) to open it. Check your name off on the call board and stay in either the dressing rooms or theatre for tech. The choreographer and lighting designer will run the piece to look at cues, then adjust any lights. Each piece should have the choreographer and dancers on stand-by in the house 30 minutes prior to their tech. 


You will be responsible for warming yourselves up and taking care of your bodies.  Bring costumes, makeup, water, and anything you need for the show – you will not be allowed to leave once dress rehearsal starts.  We are teching a few pieces out of order. 


Tech Schedule: Sunday, February 25, 2018


Call for LD, Production Class, Elyssa's and Allen's cast:  10am


Elyssa (6 min) – 10:45am-11:15am


Allen (6 min) – 11:15am-11:45am


Julia Rubio (4.30 min) – 11:45am-12:15pm


Lindsey (10 min) – 12:15pm-1:00pm


Ejiwumi (2.30 min) – 1:00pm-1:15pm


Hasina (4 min) – 1:15pm-1:45pm


Haley’s solo (4.30 min) – 1:45pm-2pm


Lia & Hasina (5 min) – 2pm-2:15pm


Haley Group (8 min) – 2:15-3pm


Lizzy (3.30 min) – 3:00pm-3:30pm


Michele & Carlos (8.30 min) – 3:30pm-4pm


Michelle Solo with guitarist (3 min) – 4pm-4:15pm


Break – 4:15pm-5pm


Dress Rehearsal – 5pm - Everyone must be present


Show – 7:30pm


Program Order:


Act 1




Michelle Solo




Julia Rubio


Michele & Carlos




Act 2








Haley’s solo


Lia & Hasina


Haley Group

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