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Below are questions posed by choroegraphers for Zilkha Hall with answer sprovided by the Hobby Technical Director.


projector - is one available for use in zilkha?  is there an extra fee for using it? Would it need to be hung during our hang and focus time or is it already hung in the theatre?

-          We have a projector at the back of the house.  We typically charge $250/day for its use.


Could you send stage dimensions to me to be taped out in Melcher.

wings are 32’ wide, and if you are playing to the black scrim that is 25’ from the plaster line.


some students want to use gobos.  Are there some to use or should we bring what we want to use? Will there be enough time during focus to put up gobos?

-          There are some gobos already in the house plot.  And we have some refocusable specials in the air that could have gobos in them. 


We have a flamenco dancer who wants to bring a 4x4 wooden square to dance on.  Is this ok on the marley?

-          That won’t be a problem. 


Could we use a microphone backstage? We have a choreographer who wants to sing a song live from backstage.

-          Yes.  We have five wireless handheld microphones that can be used however you need.  And if the singer is stationary we could even do a wired microphone. 


Here is the tech schedule.  We have decided to go with an 8pm show to give us that extra 30 minutes of time if needed.


8am-10am focus

10-1pm lighting

1-2pm lunch

2-5pm lighting

5:30pm dress rehearsal

8pm show





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