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UH Dance Program Policy for Participation in Performances


1. All student performers must be members of University Dance Theater, with membership filed and fees paid by either FAD 1. Dues must be paid by FAD 1 (or student will not be allowed to perform in ECS)


2. Students must be enrolled in a technique class.


3. If you are a current UH student that is “PC-ing” a class, you must adhere to the attendance policy or you will be removed from the event.


4. Any student that does not meet the absence policy will not be allowed to perform in the UH Dance Program performances, including student choreographed works. Student choreographers/dancers should be aware that students who have not followed the absence policy will be pulled from ECS and other performance opportunities for the semester.


5. For the “Emerging Choreography Showcase,” all choreography must be shown at 2 of the 3 “Friday Afternoon Dance” (FAD) showings, with the last FAD being required. Students can show at all three FADS. All choreographers and performers must stay for the entire FAD in which they are showing a work. All choreographers and performers must participate in the ECS audition at the beginning of the semester.


6. At the first FAD that a new work is shown, all cast members will sign a letter of commitment regarding rehearsals, attendance, and performance obligations.


7. All performers must honor the rehearsal schedule as set by the choreographer.


8. Student performers cannot be cast in more than four works of choreography.


9. Every member of the cast must attend the spacing rehearsals and the technical/dress rehearsals, as well as participate in the strike and the clean up of dressing rooms.


10. All performers must arrive on time and participate in the event warm-up.


11. All cast members must stay at the technical/dress rehearsals and closing performance until dismissed by the Production Director (Toni Valle), or the work will be pulled from the show. Any legitimate scheduling conflicts must be submitted in writing to the Production Director by the second FAD for consideration.


12. During technical rehearsals and performances, emergencies that results in tardies (or absences) should be submitted via text or email to the Stage Manager as soon as possible.


Costume, Props, Set, and Music Policy:


1. All technical and production elements for student productions must be communicated by the final showing (prior to spacing and technical rehearsals) in writing to the Production Director (Toni Valle). This includes special costuming elements, sets or props of any kind, special make-up and/or masks.


2. Props/sets are the responsibility of the choreographer. The choreographer is responsible for transporting props/sets into the theater first day of technical rehearsal and out of the theater immediately after the closing performance.


3. Student choreographers are responsible for costuming their own works. All costume pieces need to be given to the Costume Mistress at the beginning of tech rehearsals, along with a costume list of each item for each dancer.


4. All costumes borrowed from the MEL 230 closet must be checked out and returned through the Dance Production class within 1 week after the event. Items must be cleaned before being returned.


5. Student choreographers must give a final copy of their music to Production Director (Toni Valle) by final showing.


Box Office Policy:


Each student performer and choreographer is responsible for advocating the event through ticket sales. There is an expectation that each performer will sell a minimum of 6 tickets to an event.





UH Goes to MATCH  Policy for Participation in Performances


1.  Completed works must be submitted for the MATCH showing in order to be considered for the concert.  Everyone MUST ATTEND AND VIEW the showing unless you have made previous arrangements with Toni Valle (The Production Director.)  Roll will be taken at the end of the showing.


2.  The 4-dance rule per semester applies to this concert:  Students are only allowed to dance/choreograph in 4 pieces.


3.  To insure covering the cost of the theatre rental, choreographers are required to make a $25 deposit or sell 5 tickets to the concert by February 25th. (To insure you get credit, have tickets bought under your name or a family members name.  Toni Valle receives updates of ticket sales and can verify your family or you bought tickets.)  If ticket sales cover the cost of the rental, all deposits will be refunded to the choreographers. If ticket sales do not cover the cost of the rental, the deposit money of choreographers who did not sell tickets will be used to cover the remaining costs.


4.  The Tech and Show is all in one day.  Students must keep their schedule open the entire day until Show Order and Lighting Assignments are scheduled.  Students must be present for the lighting tech, but can leave when they are not lighting with advance permission from Toni. Any conflicts need to be discussed with Toni in advance:  713/409-2838 or


5.  We have a videographer and photographer coming to document the performance.  All performers and choreographers must sign a media release form that allows works to be filmed and distributed to the company.  If a choreographer does not want his/her work filmed, it is the responsibility of the choreographer to let Toni Valle know in advance of the performance that the videographer should NOT video that piece.

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